Vertical Stress Caused by Vertical Strip Load

Stress on Soils

Vertical Stress Caused by Vertical Strip Load of Finite Width and Infinite Length

The vertical stress increase, inside the soil mass as a result of the introduction of a vertical flexible strip load of finite width and infinite length that has an intensity of load q/unit area on the surface of a semi-infinite soil mass is given by the following equation;

Δ σ = q π { tan 1 [ z x ( B 2 ) ] tan 1 { z x + ( B 2 ) } B z [ x 2 z 2 ( B 2 4 ) ] [ x 2 + z 2 ( B 2 4 ) ] 2 + B 2 z 2 } where;
Δσ=vertical stress increase, kN/m2,
q=load per unit area, kN/m2,
x,z=distances along x and z axis respectively, m.

Fig: Vertical Stress caused by a Flexible Strip Load

Vertical stress Caused by Vertical Strip Load

Vertical Stress Increase by Vertical Strip Load

x, m:

z, m:

Total Increased Vertical Stress, Δσz:

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